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doriz, etc.

her rants, writing, and daily life

doriz !
'Ello, folks!

I am an ULTRA-Harry Potter fan. I joined merely for the fact to rant on about how much I like Harry Potter stuffs. Really. If you don't trust me, well...

That's your problem.

See? 'Whichcraft'? Like 'Witchcraft'?


I have two cats, one fat and black named Velvet, and the other old, a calico, named Bow. I didn't name them--technically they're my mom and sister's cats. I just live in the same household as them so I call them mine, too.

I like making computer art w/ my Wacom Tablet, except for the fact that my mom lost the pen to it ages ago (when she was cleaning my room-don't ask why) and she said she'll replace it soon, but hasn't gotten around to it yet.

I enjoy playing the Sims 2 and collecting downloads of clothes & stuffs for it. Tell me if you've got some awesome downloads for me.

Same with the Harry Potter fanart. I'd love to check out yours if you'd like to show it to me. Harry Potter avatars would be fantastic, too~
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